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Facebuk Academy's terms and policies are compiled fundamentally to actualise a hitch-free inter-personal connectivities among the Users.
You are strictly recommended to read through and adhere to these terms and policies guiding activities on Facebuk Academy.

1.1 Privacy Policy
Your Privacy shall not in anyway be disclosed to a third party by the Administration of Facebuk Academy.
1.2 Cookies
facebukacademy.com.ng uses cookies with the basic aim of serving you better and in no way shall the administration release User's cookie information to a third-party except if otherwisely requested and authenticated by the user.

2 Service Policy
2.1 Any conversation (Posts) published on facebukacademy.com.ng can be super-managed by The Admninistration of the platform if the post is considered a threat to an individual/general intellectual right.
2.2 Posts posted on facebukacademy.com.ng is visible to any User who reads our stories.
2.3 To publish any conversation (Post) on facebukacademy.com.ng, User is required to register by supplying some Data at facebukacademy.com.ng/reg
2.4 User's Data collected at any point on facebukacademy.com.ng is used to render better services to the Users and shall not be disclosed to Third-Party under any pursuit except if otherwisely requested and authenticated by the User.
2.5 The Administration of facebukacademy.com.ng is empowered to shut any Post submitted by any User if the Post is considered illegitimate, causing uproars in the society and/or infringing the Intellectual Right of any brand or personality.

3 Definition of Terms and Policies
3.1 The Terms and Policies are designed by The Administration of facebukacademy.com.ng and considered the RIGHTS and OBLIGATIONS of the Users
3.2 These Terms and Policies shall be legally binding agreement between the Users and the Administration of facebukacademy.com.ng
3.3 This material remains an open document publicly available on facebukacademy.com.ng/terms
3.4 The Administration of facebukacademy.com.ng urge the Users to regularly check these Terms and Policies for any altercation and/or amendment.
3.5 The use of resources on facebukacademy.com.ng by the User after any altercation means an absolute acceptance of the amendments.
3.6 Among these terms and policies, all neccessary documents, by which a provision of access to use the materials is regulated including Privacy Policy, Service Policy and other documents.
3.7 The Users shall, therefore accordingly cooperate with these terms and policies prior to using this platform.
3.8 User who logged in to this platform via login page, third party login and/or listing items hereby accept, unconditionally, these terms and policies.
3.9 The Administration of facebukacademy.com.ng shall not by any mean be responsible for any conversation made by the users, referenced information, User's conversations, including but not limited to conversations over telephone, email, chatting and/or other channels.
3.10 The Administration does not focus actions on submissions posted by the Users; The Administration, therefore, disclaims any responsibility in relation to submissions made by the Users.
3.11 The administration of facebukacademy.com.ng reserves the right to deny access to any user who persistently infringe Intellectual Rights of other(s), and/or violates any section of these terms and policies.

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